Khimo - Remote Access Well Done - The Missing Tool for Integrators

Did you ever wonder how safe an Internet accessible automation system is?
Khimo brings easy and secure remote access to your automation system as a web service plug-and-play solution.
Khimo is Ikatu’s innovative, secure, fast, multi-home remote access solution.


After years of product development, and in the field experience with clients like Fortune International and Swire Properties, we have worldwide launched Mirigi, our concierge services software for the MDU market. Go check Mirigi’s website for more information.

European Privacy Seal for Certified Privnote

EuroPriSe awarded the European Privacy Seal to Certified Privnote, a free web based service that provides users with a way to create encrypted notes, shared over the Internet as one-time-use SSL URLs, that expire after initial access via any web browser. EuroPriSe is an initiative led by the Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD), the data [...]

BeoLink application for the iPhone catalyst for buying the ML Gateway and associated B&O gear

“We have heard in many cases the BeoLink application for the iPhone was the catalyst for buying the Master Link Gateway and associated B&O audio video systems”.
Zean Nielsen
President, Bang & Olufsen America, Inc.

BeoLink App Update released

Improved Demo access mode.

Demo access allows you to to have a feel on how the BeoLink App works even if you don’t own Bang & Olufsen gear with Master Link Gateway.
Try it and you would understand how you can control Bang & Olufsen Audio and Video and your home automation.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLink App Billboard Ad @ Times Square

Video Tutorial for Installers: Bang & Olufsen BeoLink for iPhone

Tutorial: Bang & Olufsen BeoLink for iPhone from Ikatu on Vimeo.

Ikatu designed Bang & Olufsen BeoLink App for iPhone and iPod Touch Ready!

Apple  is releasing as of now Bang & Olufsen BeoLink App for iPhone and iPod Touch which was designed by Ikatu .
I have confirmation that the App has been downloaded successfully from the Australian App store. Other iTunes App stores to follow as May 31st is the date of [...]

Bang & Olufsen MasterLink Gateway now globally available!

After an official audit done in 2007, Bang & Olufsen appointed Ikatu as a competence partner for new
technologies within home automation due to it’s expertise in home integration, embedded systems design, engineering and software development.
As a result of the partnership, Masterlink Gateway (MLGW 02) come to light in Q1 2009 based in part of [...]

Audi A8 | Bang & Olufsen versus Bose

An interesting and fun video done by a blindfolded DJ comparing the performance of a Bang & Olufsen and Bose audio system of the Audi A8.

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